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Cage Hell

Further proof that suzuki's cage division sucks

  • 11-22-2008 | 12:19 PM
  • ontwo
  • Worst concept car ever!
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  • 11-28-2008 | 02:31 PM
  • Quick281
  • Quote ontwo
    Worst concept car ever!
    Thats a pretty bold statement after all of the years of concepts.

    The steering wheel idea was a miserable fail. It looks like they wanted to be different without putting a lot of effort into it and just slapped the bars on there. Good idea, terribly executed. That being said, I don't know how well it could have been pulled off in the first place.

    I do think the front end of that car looks nice however. Falls into the same little group of cars that I wouldn't look into purchasing, but I do admire their design.
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