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Group Riding Etiquette (How-To Properly ride in a group)

  • 01-12-2009 | 10:24 PM
  • OneSickPsycho
  • What happened to that guy from who drew the funny motorcycle cartoons that showed the hand signals and whatever...
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  • 01-12-2009 | 10:44 PM
  • tached1000rr
  • Quote Yamerhaw
    i didnt read all the post so i dont know if somebody already mentioned this, but:

    If somebody in the group runs from the cops, NOBODY in the group knows who the guy is, hes from another town, etc!!
    Yes sir, that's how we do it in NC, I hate to say it but it happens almost on every outing, at least I can say it's never been me having to do so though.
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  • 01-12-2009 | 10:50 PM
  • tached1000rr
  • Quote ebbs15
    if someone in the group I was riding with did this I would no longer know that person. and it'd be the last time I ever ride with them.

    Not quite sure if I'd give him/her up to the cops... but IMO you can't do the time don't do the crime... and I'm not gonna take the hit for an idiot. fuck'm
    I hear ya, but Yamerhaw can chime in here as well, but I'm not talking about a blue light behind you chasing you. It's more a of meet a state trooper, knowing he can't turn right around or by the time he does, "the offender" has found another road/route etc..... No one I ride with would lead the police on an actual chase.
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