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Elite Trackdays

Elite Trackdays - March 21, 2009 event

  • 03-22-2009 | 04:38 PM
  • azoomm
  • Pictures... up.

    What a FANTASTIC event.

    Well, other than my husband punting himself on my bike - result was a severe sprain on his right ankle with a chip, and a minor sprain on his left ankle. Bike crashed better than he did.

    But, after my sacrificial Ducati went down not a single other bike hit the pavement!! Bravo to everyone for a fantastic day!

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  • 03-22-2009 | 04:45 PM
  • shmike
  • Great pics!

    Sorry to hear about your hubby and bike.

    The #512 Duc, is he fast or does he just look like it?

    Every pic I have seen of him, his form looks spot-on.

    Lastly, are those houses in the back ground of the one pic? Any issues with noise regs at the track?
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  • 03-22-2009 | 06:03 PM
  • skiergirl
  • Excellent event for sure, a great turnout and just a really group of people. A lot of new faces too....welcome to your new 'crack' i mean Track habit..

    Nice pics too.......

    And the guy on the #512 Duc is fast....
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  • 03-22-2009 | 07:40 PM
  • Cass
  • Sorry to hear about the fall-down-go-boom!!

    Glad it was an otherwise event-free day! Love the pics!
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  • 03-22-2009 | 08:05 PM
  • azoomm
  • Quote shmike
    The #512 Duc, is he fast or does he just look like it?
    Glen IS fast... we've been doing trackdays for years. It's his hobby to run around doing trackdays with his brothers.

    Good GOD Saturday was fun. I'm no Coker, I now have MAD appreciation for him and what he does [my photog]
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