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Beginner's End

So you've dropped your bike..

  • 03-27-2009 | 01:21 AM
  • pickle.of.doom
  • This guy in my class got a job as a porter at an HD dealership. 20 minutes into his first day he was pushing a bike around, it was so heavy that he actually broke his shoulder socket pushing on it, and then of course dropped it
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  • 03-27-2009 | 09:13 AM
  • Mr Lefty
  • well either my neighbor or the wind... dropped my bike last night... fuckers... minor scratch on the tail... and scratched up bar end... otherwise good...

    I'll take a better look and maybe some pics tonight after work.
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  • 04-21-2009 | 11:44 AM
  • MILK
  • Quote Mrs. Colleen
    My husband dropped mine.
    Hey woman. My husband dropped my bike Sunday. He had backed it out to get to his bike. Lucky for him it was against the far side of the garage so it didn't go all the way down. No damage!
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  • 04-22-2009 | 11:49 PM
  • racedoll
  • My husband backed into me and down we went. Broke my right foot peg and scratched up the stickers, a little on the plastic.

    I dropped it once at my Mom's work, but picked it up no problem. I actually caught it, but couldn't hold it so I gently let her down so there was virtually no scuffs from that incident.
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  • 04-24-2009 | 12:31 PM
  • unknownroad
  • Note to self: shorten the kickstand on the chopper
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  • 04-24-2009 | 12:43 PM
  • Dave
  • Quote derf
    sorry lady, but I'm perfect
    sorry buddy but your slider says otherwise
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  • 05-06-2009 | 01:09 AM
  • derf
  • Quote Dave
    sorry buddy but your slider says otherwise
    Sorry buddy, but that was prior to my ownership of the bike
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  • 05-06-2009 | 03:25 AM
  • Riceaholic
  • I've wrecked 3 of mine and dumped one off a lift. I was more pissed about tripping on the air hose that crashing any of the other ones....
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