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Beginner's End

Showing Off

  • 09-24-2009 | 10:52 PM
  • Antwanny
  • roflstix
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  • 09-25-2009 | 12:32 AM
  • Gas Man
  • Quote derf
    I had to lay it down once, I went in to hot into a turn, and was too leaned over to get it back up so I finally gave in and I asked gravity if he really wanted to take over, and he replied "yes I do want to take over" so I told him, I'll let you win, but dont hurt me too bad, and he said "ok I'll be gentle", but I didnt trust him, so I asked, what assurances do I have that you wont hurt me, and he replied "trust me, I do this for a living", so I was all like OK. But then like the nasty ass hat he is he just flung me around. And thats why I had to lay it down.
    Epic story!!
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  • 09-25-2009 | 04:53 PM
  • wildchild
  • went to a local rally/ride a couple weeks ago. buddy of mine showed up with a guy he knew and the other guys gal. guy had a beautiful chop and I kid you not he proceded to do the exact same thing as in that video. he and his gal got a ride to the hosp and were alright but a little banged up.
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