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Bike Locks - Security

  • 10-06-2009 | 02:38 PM
  • Hydrant
  • Quote OTB
    Last year my wife's business had a 55' trailer stolen: theives backed a semi up, smashed the hitch lock (it was in pieces on the ground) and drove that bugger away. If pro thieves target your stuff, it's gone.

    The more locks and crap you put on a bike, the more likely amatuer thieves will trash it. I now put GPS on my stuff.


    All you can do is just be as preventative as possible, cover the bike, put a CHAIN on it, and a GPS tracking and that should keep ya safe. If someone wants it, then they'll get it. Watch as you drive it in your lot or storage area, see that no one is scoping out your bike, don't be flashy or loud as you get into your complex, not bringing attention to it might help too.

    Being in construction, I've seen quite a bit of weird stuff stolen overnight and wondered how they got away without ever being noticed. You'd think someone would notice a oversize load trailer with a 50,000 lb Caterpillar trackhoe leaving a construction site at 3am, but they got away. Skidloaders (aka Bobcats) and welders are the two most common objects stolen from construction sites. Myself being in plumbing and HVAC we had $20,000 worth of copper pipe and fittings stolen overnight from job we were doing in a pretty populated area. 4"and 6" copper pipe and fittings, thrown into the parking lot out of the 4th floor of a building into the parking lot. They got away that night, but were caught at the scrap yard, only because we had called ahead of time.
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  • 10-06-2009 | 04:20 PM
  • i2iSTUDIOS
  • Any recommendations for the chain? I need a good long distance since the concrete piller I park behind is 2.5' in diameter so maybe 8-10' of chain. Is Kryponite considered a chain or are they just crap?
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  • 10-06-2009 | 05:44 PM
  • z06boy
  • My bikes are locked in a garage BUT when out on the road and not having access to a garage this is what I do.

    Full coverage insurance plus 2 disc locks and a cable. I lock both bikes together through the frame so at least they may have to pick up both bikes at the same time unless they are equipped to defeat the locks/cable.

    I try to always get a room that I can see the bikes and I check on them as much as I can.

    That's pretty much all I do...so far...so good.

    From this place...


    Here is the disclocks I use and the cable I use...seems to be pretty decent stuff.

    The MAX60 is a short shackle motorcycle disc cable U-lock. TRIMAX cable U-locks are simply the strongest short shackle locks you can buy.

    The MAX60 is ideal when combined with a TRIMAX cable or chain for securing motorcycles, bicycles, spare tires, ATVs, marine, trailers and much, much more.

    Features one key equipped with a mini flashlight
    Durable PVC sleeve covers chrome steel shackle to prevent marring and scratching
    Hardened solid steel lock prevents prying, sawing and hammer impacts
    Tough polymer outer skin absorbs hammer strikes and reduces marring and scratching
    Ideal for bicycles, motorcycles, spare tires, trailers, marine and more
    Type B key, which is an ultra secure wise wafer key. Lock core design provides the highest degree of protection against picking. Includes 3 keys. One key is equipped with a mini flash light.

    1/2 inch hardened chrome plated solid steel shackle

    The TG3072SX is a SUPERMAX security armor plated stainless steel locking cable (6 feet long x 26mm diameter) for maximum protection and security.

    The TG3072SX is ideal for securing motorcycles, bicycles, spare tires, ATVs, marine, trailers and much, much more.

    Monster 26 mm stainless steel locking cable
    Maximum security armor plated cable lock
    Durable PVC skin prevents scratching
    Ballistic grade polymer lock housing cover resists hammer strikes and protects lock mechanism
    Patented key cover resists grime and moisture
    Flexible for easy transport
    Ideal for bicycles, motorcycles, spare tires, trailers, marine and more
    Type B key, which is an ultra secure wise wafer key

    6 feet long x 26mm diameter
    Heavy duty
    Commercial grade
    Stainless steel
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  • 10-06-2009 | 05:57 PM
  • Homeslice
  • and its like that
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