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Beginner's End

So I've been riding for a week now

  • 10-16-2009 | 03:32 PM
  • i2iSTUDIOS
  • Quote The Chi
    The guys are right, FAF is bad stuff for bikes. For cars its a whole different ball game. Get a plug kit. Smaller, easier to carry around, less messy and will get your butt home if needed. I always carry one and someone always needs it (usually for a car), never had to use it myself.

    Something else good to carry, zip ties!! (And you cant go wrong with bandaids either )
    good idea, where do I get these plug kits?
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  • 10-16-2009 | 05:49 PM
  • the chi
  • Quote i2iSTUDIOS
    good idea, where do I get these plug kits?
    Walmart FTW! Thats where I pick mine up, in the automotive section. They usually have some that come in a neat lil plastic carry bag, small enough to stuff in with your tool kit or into a tail section. Make sure to get one with the tools, and not just the plugs!
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  • 10-17-2009 | 08:26 AM
  • karl_1052
  • Quote shmike
    3. Practice is a good thing. When did that become debatable?
    When Azoom said so, now kneel before your Queen!
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  • 10-20-2009 | 06:19 PM
  • Particle Man
  • Good call on the towel.

    And remember: 42.
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