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Southeast Riders

NESBA dates are up

  • 01-04-2010 | 12:38 PM
  • CasterTroy
  • I've nabbed both Patriot days at VIR
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  • 01-04-2010 | 04:02 PM
  • fasternyou929
  • Playing out the "what if" scenarios for Barber in February now! Such a pain in the ass planning this stuff when you have no idea whether or not you'll be working by then.

    Will definitely be hitting up the VIR North and Full days. I have just the opposite problem you do though, my bike wouldn't play well on Patriot. I'd have to put "rolling chicane" on my leathers.
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  • 01-04-2010 | 04:04 PM
  • tommymac
  • VIR south and beaver HMMMMMM

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