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Northeast Riders

Philly Cheesesteak Run- Saturday, May 1st

  • 05-01-2010 | 06:35 PM
  • Phenix_Rider
  • Finally back at the apt and I'm completely drained. My cat must have thought I was dying. I stripped down to my under armour and lay down on the floor to cool off. Accuweather says it's 87 out now, but fuck me if it wasn't hotter earlier. I went up to Green Lane this morning and was okay in my leather jacket without the liner. Came back to the city for lunch and was melting. Got there before Dave and the group... and Derf's lazy ass stayed home

    So I came back to the apt and had to get a shower and throw on the UA and hybrid jacket. My clothes were soaked, but my helmet never gets wet... go figure. That's the most my temp light has ever been on, and it would not go off until I hopped back on I95. Stayed off after it sat in the garage while I showered. And the hybrid jacket probably dropped my core temp 15 degrees.

    Jim's was ridiculous when I got back there- line around the corner. Called Dave, and they had already decided to go to SOS down the road. Good place to watch losers try to parallel park, and cougar bait South Philly is something else. I've seen more crazy shit in the last week- like some moron trying to park an SUV where you couldn't fit a sub-compact, and hitting the same car twice! before finally giving up when I snapped a cell phone pic. Then yesterday, another idiot drove his mini-van onto the trolley tracks (divided road with tracks down the middle) and got stuck, and had 4 trollies backed up behind him. And today, some chick with super moron Phillies shirt guy hits two cars several times trying to parallel park.

    Somehow i managed to put on 150 miles today. Didn't even realize until my low fuel light flicked on when I put the bike away just now.
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  • 05-01-2010 | 07:19 PM
  • Cutty72
  • Quote tommymac
    I hate you all, I was up at 5:15 today.
    Does it make you angry then that I caught a nap this afternoon too
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  • 05-02-2010 | 12:14 AM
  • tommymac
  • Quote Cutty72
    Does it make you angry then that I caught a nap this afternoon too
    not too much because I got a nap in too
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  • 05-02-2010 | 12:57 AM
  • Dave
  • between the guy who rode from NY lowsiding in gravel at 30th st station and tom's k5 thou' catching a bitch fit and requiring the neg cable to be removed for ten minutes before it would start again, it was an exciting trip. followed that up with going to vic's mom's house and giving her (a diehard harley rider) her first ride on a superbike as a birthday present. got up to around 70 in second at 3/4 throttle and all i heard for the next four hours was HOLY SHIT that thing has torque even started asking decent questions about why my much smaller engine could produce so much power

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