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Beginner's End


  • 09-12-2010 | 09:17 PM
  • OTB
  • I've REALLY enjoyed my summer working at MRP (MRPMotorsports.com). Between that and giving riding lessons to folks having difficulties and riding almost daily I feel like I did when I first started riding in my teens.....I feel IMMERSED in motorcycles....living and breathing this stuff.

    I've been blessed to work at a place where the owner and techs are riders/racers first and foremost. I learn scads every day. It makes me a better rider, a safer rider and a more helpful person.

    One of the joys in life (at least for me) is having the "Ah HA!" light go on; overcoming some difficulty or solving the puzzle of "Why does it do that?" or finding new ways of doing it better (whatever "IT" is), faster, cleaner or more "elegantly", for lack of a better word.

    With the exception of about two years in the late Eighties, I've been riding and fiddling with motorcycles since about 1972......I have somewhere in the neighborhood of half a million miles in the saddle.......

    ..and I learn new stuff about bikes and riding and myself every day....

    ...and I get a little thrill EVERY TIME I cinch up my helmet, zip up my jacket, pull on my gloves and thumb the starter....EVERY TIME.....

    I'm one lucky guy......

    Happy riding, ya'll...........
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  • 09-12-2010 | 09:19 PM
  • Particle Man
  • The day you aren't learning SOMEthing is the day you should stop and evaluate why...
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  • 09-12-2010 | 10:56 PM
  • azoomm
  • I feel the same way....
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