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  • 11-24-2010 | 08:11 PM
  • TYEster
  • Quote CasterTroy
    Watch the Aprilia

    Had several friends with the 5.5 and the 4.5 and all of them had engine issues.

    SUPPOSEDLY that was fixed with the '08 (help me out TYE) and newer, but I'd still be really weary

    Also...note that the 640/690 KTMS are GREAT and all, but they ARE heavy. And weight makes a HUGE difference when you're on a motard.

    If I could lose 60 pounds, I'd be sick stoopid fast!
    08+s were supposedly "fixed".

    I'd straight up stay away from them period. Ever notice why no one ever went with a Vtwin motard setup before? And why even after 3 years Aprilia is still the only one with it?

    If I'm going to perform religious maintenance, I want it on a bike where I just need to buy ONE top end as worst case scenario. Japanese dirtbikes are built cheap, haul ass and don't cost alot to fix. The Euro factory motards already come fairly trick, but can be a bitch to find parts for if you don't have a dealer in your area.

    If anyone wants a road going motard there are still plenty of options from 450s to 690s. You're real choice is going to have to be if you want rock solid reliability or a hardcore balls-out "fast" machine or something kinda in between. Husquavarna, KTM, Husaberg, DRZ400-SM, WR250X, etc are places to start. Conversions can cost less, be equal to, or be more but I would really check with your states regulations on legalizing off-road machines.

    Check out Supermotojunkie.com to see who's got what, who's selling, etc to get an idea of what's really out there.
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