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Northeast Riders

5/14/11 New England Event

  • 02-13-2011 | 11:13 AM
  • nhgunnut
  • OK throwing it out here well ahead of time. Here in Southwest New Hampshire (message me for the address)
    We will be having a barbecue, wrench fest, and lead toss.
    Bring an appetite there will be burgers dogs and ribs.. For our friends from PETA there will be something called a "Salad" (When I examined the ingredients or the "Salad" it occurs to me that some of you are eating to far down the food chain)
    I will also Grill up Tofu and "Veggie Burgers" I have it on good authority nothing is quite so tasty as Veggie Burger with Cheese and Bacon!
    Put it on your Calendars!
    I have two Spare bedroom to offer those coming from a distance and Climate Controlled Loft Over the Garage. Additionally for the more Hardy among I have 5 acres of Lawn available for Camping.
    Among the Tools here for you to use on your bike will be My Lift wrenches a Shop Press and I may talk a friend into brining his mobile tire changing station.
    While anyone on two wheels are invited. Most of the expertise will will be Busa and B King ( ExtremeBusa is the other board where I am posting this)
    This Event is Being Sponsored in Part By Lynde Motorsports of Brattleboro VT ( a great old school greasy finger Bike Shop Specializing in keeping Vnitage Bikes on the roads and not in Museums) and by Highland Security , Specialized firearms (think Belt Fed )and personal Security Training.
    BTW here is a view from the my lawn taken last October
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  • 02-13-2011 | 03:00 PM
  • tommymac
  • Hmm this may be a possibility, gotta see how things play out once I get back to work in late march.
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