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New from michigan

  • 10-08-2011 | 06:55 PM
  • Tsunami
  • Dayum he is humongous! Too bad he can't follow me around and lift my patients!
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  • 10-09-2011 | 08:34 AM
  • Gas Man
  • That's a cold month state build. But yes he's not a small boy. I bet the women nurses will love him, which is probably why he will enjoy it so much. However it's a double edge sword with a big catch 22. He'll have to help move all the BIG boys/girls.
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  • 10-11-2011 | 01:28 AM
  • Rugby66x
  • Thanks for posting the pics chris and ya I'm looking forward to being with all the females in nursing school I like the ratio. In EMS its mostly dudes and nurses don't care for medics that much because we just bring them more work
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