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Riding to a Ghost Town

  • 11-09-2011 | 12:22 AM
  • derf
  • Quote tommymac
    We went there with marko and GM wasnt what I thought it would be but still soem rather cool stuff with smoke comming out of the ground, soem areas with no vegetation growing and soem crazy cracks in the roads. I think the last few people who lived there were forced to leave not too long ago
    I went through there not too long ago, there are still a few houses left but its just as confusing now as it was in 2009, a road still goes right through it that is heavily used so you blink and you miss it.
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  • 11-09-2011 | 09:22 AM
  • tommymac
  • Quote Particle Man
    I'm only 4.5 hours away. I should really do it sometime.
    about hte same for me, markos plsce is about 3 hrs if I break the speed limits, I think I can take 80 out to 81 to get there alittle faster. Would be cool to get soem pics of chewie out there.
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  • 11-10-2011 | 12:30 AM
  • Gas Man
  • Yeah we all went there for the NE Rally a couple years ago.
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