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Some dude actually teabags another dude

  • 01-20-2012 | 12:51 AM
  • Trip
  • Quote Rangerscott
    I believe once you've had your first teabaggin (reciever), you would come to appreciate it. If I make the trip I would be honored to give you your first teabag.
    Fuck that, lol

    Quote defector
    C'mon, Trip...you only care because it happened to an LSU fan. If it was an Auburn fan they did it to, you would be lulz'n.
    I still think it is hilarious. That's why I posted it, but it's definitely ghey.

    Dude turned himself in, he is in jail tonight in Orleans Parish. I hope they didn't put him in general population. That's a shit ton more than an eye for an eye or a ball for a ball.
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  • 01-20-2012 | 12:56 AM
  • Rangerscott
  • Quote pauldun170
    It's gay. Balls are touching
    More like ball slapping.
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