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Anyone have Cortech Latigo Boots?

  • 03-20-2012 | 03:40 PM
  • Sixxxxer
  • They seem to be a Decent "lower" cost boot that has gotten good to above average reviews from 95% of the people who bought them...Though I think Cortech is either going to up there price soon or make new ones that cost more...Every Single site I looked on Both color options were On backorder.

    After not riding much at all last season I'm finally getting back in the saddle more this year and I am going to do my first track day sometime between June/July/August Depending on my work/finance situation. I've shopped other Boots, There were a pair of SIDI's I liked that I can always buy if Cortech doesnt ever re stock these to it's dealers. I just was trying to save some extra money as these were 60$ Cheaper than the SIDI's I looked at.

    Where's Tigger? He's like the go to man for Gear/Deals...maybe he has some super secret website I couldnt find that has these things.

    Also, If anyone on here does have them...How do you like them?

    This is what they Look Like...

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