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Sena firmware 4.0

  • 04-06-2012 | 12:43 AM
  • derf
  • Quote tommymac
    Do the newer units come updated already? I will prolly be pulling the trigger on one later this month.
    the update is easy, takes 15 minutes
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  • 04-06-2012 | 01:08 AM
  • tommymac
  • Quote derf
    the update is easy, takes 15 minutes
    I thought I heard something that the newer units may have it uploaded already.
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  • 04-06-2012 | 02:15 AM
  • Gas Man
  • Just plug it in, you may have to update the Sena Manager as well. Then check the units software... it will ask you to push a few buttons along the way... but real easy.
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  • 04-06-2012 | 08:57 AM
  • Trip
  • they update pretty often, so you need to learn to at least check to see if your new unit is updated.
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