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Aftermarket Modding

new Sena couple of questions

  • 06-20-2012 | 07:46 AM
  • tommymac
  • So I rode home and to work today. Wasnt too happy with it, doesnt seem loud enough. its prety good at lower speeds but on the hwy the wind noise makes it prety bad where I cant hear much of the songs and forget about listening to a pod cast.

    I tried moving them in the helmet from last night, didnt help and actualy bothered my ears a bit. I turned the system volume all the way up on my phone so i am hoping that helps. Since I am at the jobsite today I should be able to get my hands on a pair of earplugs so I am hoping that cancels out the wind noise.

    Trip and traces praises of the scheuberth have me seriously considering biting the bullet to get one. I am selling soem old futura parts for some extra cash, and wifey even said she will never give me grief over buying new/good gear
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