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Manufacturer War

O2 powered bike

  • 11-11-2012 | 10:07 AM
  • askmrjesus
  • Interesting.

    I wonder how long a tank would last at WFO?

    Some draw backs:

    It takes longer than two minutes to fill a SCUBA tank. More like 10-15, depending on the compressor. At 3000 psi for Aluminum tanks, (2250 or so for steel) you ain't filling these up at home, unless you want to spend a few thousand bucks.

    Scuba tanks have to be chilled in a water bath when filled, or BLAM-O can result, so the bike has to be partially disassembled to refuel.

    You'd need three of four tanks on hand, to make it worth going out for the day.

    Cost to operate is roughly double what gas would cost you. Tank fills are somewhere around ten bucks or more at dive shops.

    On the flip side, maintenance costs would be far lower on an air powered engine.

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