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Manufacturer War


  • 11-27-2012 | 03:21 AM
  • MikeSP1
  • Quote Porkchop
    Honda and Kawasaki are moving in the right direction for sporty, cheaper, street useable motorcycles... Might bring a whole new wave of motorcyclists to the road.
    I'm completely down with that. I have some big power missiles, but more often than not, they're more a handful than they're worth. A 400 has plenty of power to use on the road while still being fun and not a hindrance.
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  • 11-28-2012 | 01:14 AM
  • No Worries
  • My friend had an old SR500 with premium suspension and tires. It was amazing going around corners; it looked almost horizontal. Especially going downhill. Uphill was a different story.

    I'm never on a highway, just two-lanes. When I'm going uphill behind a slow car or 3-ton suv, and only have seconds to pass, I want gobs of torque right now. Liter bikes deliver it.
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  • 11-28-2012 | 04:51 AM
  • MikeSP1
  • There's no doubt that a liter bike has the cajones to deliver when you want it. For "most" people though, a liter bike has more performance than they need/want/can ever attain. They also have a MUCH bigger participation fee than the 400-500 cc crowd.
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  • 11-28-2012 | 11:38 AM
  • njchopper87
  • I'd love a 400/500 to play around on. It'll be a while before I can (or SHOULD) attain anything though.. pesky car.
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  • 12-04-2012 | 05:16 PM
  • Dnyce
  • I went the complete retarded opposite end of the spectrum and bought a gsxr 1k lol
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