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Arai dual pane shield, anyone?

  • 10-20-2012 | 04:04 PM
  • anyone have it? opinion?

    i ride year round, and the winter months are coming.
    i've had several arai's and while great helmets i still get fogging.

    cuz of my asian short flat nose, i get fogging in any lid.

    my current HJC RPS-10 has the pinlock set up and i wasn't too fond of it.

    The most effective way to prevent fogging on your Arai Corsair-V or RX-Q helmet’s faceshield is with the installation of this Arai Dual Pane SAI visor. Fog free vision is provided by the addition of a layer of insulating air within an airtight chamber between the outer, 4mm impact resistant visor and an insert on the inner-side. This airtight chamber is manifested via a seal that runs the circumference of the factory-made insert. And, because this additional pane is extended around the circumference of the helmet’s eyeport gasket, vision is left totally unobstructed for the rider. Save for the tear-off posts on either edge, the rider will not see anything to hint of the added fog protection.

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  • 10-20-2012 | 05:21 PM
  • Trip
  • I have a pinlock visor on the Schuberth, it works decent, but still fogs.
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  • 10-20-2012 | 06:10 PM
  • on the HJC it never fogged, just reduced visibility. around the seam area
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  • 10-21-2012 | 03:15 PM
  • G-Rex
  • I've been very impressed with the Pinlock on my Schuberth. It hasn't fogged ever, and that includes doing highway riding in 22 degrees.

    My biggest gripe with it is just the *seam* or the line of the bottom of the Pinlock. If I crack the shield just a bit, I'm looking through 3 lines, the line at the bottom of the Pinlock, the line at the bottom of the shield, and then the helmet. If I have the sunvisor down it's even worse.

    It's not *bad*, just more annoying than anything.
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  • 10-22-2012 | 10:42 AM
  • azoomm
  • Quote Trip
    I have a pinlock visor on the Schuberth, it works decent, but still fogs.
    Mine too. Maybe Trace doesn't breathe?
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  • 10-22-2012 | 10:53 AM
  • Trip
  • Quote azoomm
    Mine too. Maybe Trace doesn't breathe?
    LOL, mine does it in a cold rain easily.
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  • 10-22-2012 | 08:43 PM
  • njchopper87
  • I've been looking into something like this for my scorpion.. anti-fog shield my ass. (Yes, I know it's not designed for cruisers, but it was on sale!)
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  • 10-23-2012 | 09:55 AM
  • helmet is a helmet, doesn't matter the bike

    we're glad you wear a lid w/ your cruiser!
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  • 12-12-2012 | 09:57 PM
  • a while back i asked about this piece and nobody had 1, so i ordered it.

    $100 for the screen is pretty pricey, vs $50 for a reg. screen

    but a pinlock screen is $35

    its a bit thicker then a reg. screen so you don't want to be taking this thing off and on, also no brow vents. harder to latch to cuz of the thickness

    anyways, this morn was the first time i got to try it

    39 deg.

    i works GREAT! no fogging what so ever.

    no hint of fogging at all

    there's a thick rubber seal at the top to prevent water from coming down inside the shield also , i;m sure it'd work great

    wished i had it last week when it was cold and foggy.

    rubber seal


    only wish it came in dk smoke vs light.

    but yes i would recommend this piece of kit, just leave it on the lid all winter long
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  • 12-22-2012 | 11:39 AM
  • Amber Lamps
  • I've always used Fog City products here in Mi and have always been super happy. Because they install on any shield, you can use them on your tinted ones.

    . They also have a light sensitive piece but it didn't last long enough for $50 IMHO.
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