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FIM Trials GP

  • 05-23-2013 | 09:08 AM
  • Trip
  • Best in the world at Trials coming to just outside Chattanooga this weekend for the only US event this year. First US event since 2008. I am heading out there Saturday. If you have the means to go, this may be your only chance for awhile to see these guys on US soil.

    It's also an excellent area for Adventure/Street riding. I can't ride unfortunately, still off the bike for another month and a half from surgery. Don't have the grip strength yet.
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  • 05-23-2013 | 10:18 AM
  • CasterTroy
  • Man, I'd love to see that! If my youngest didn't have a big horse riding event saturday I'd be all over that!

    Quote Trip
    Don't have the grip strength yet.
    Must not fap! Eat a whole raw potato!
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