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First Spring Ride

  • 04-11-2014 | 02:35 PM
  • No Worries
  • Went up Lookout Mountain yesterday and shot a short video. There were cars, motorcycles, bikes and at 2:24 there are several skateboarders coming down on their longboards. The snow has melted, although some ski areas in the higher mountains got over 500 inches.

    My brother and I have 24 patents on building products, and I often attend inventor shows. At one show, this guy had invented a guitar that could change keys in 1/10 of a second. The guitar had small electric motors that did something to the strings. Anyway, the guitar is used by several famous musicians, but it was demonstrated by a guitarist from a local band called Fourth Estate. I put their song called Joy on the video. You might recognize the song by Johann Bach. Can you hear the key changes?
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