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Another teacher goes down... On a student.

  • 02-07-2014 | 06:27 PM
  • EpyonXero
  • Yeah I wonder all my teachers were as old/ugly as I remember. The only teacher I remember that I would have hooked up with was one that was a butter face but was younger and and a big round ass that all the guys would stare at. The teachers I meet nowadays out and about are all mid 20s and pretty decent looking. They look like your typical grad student.
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  • 10-03-2014 | 08:50 AM
  • Turbo Ghost
  • I seriously went to the wrong school! Unlike todays kids, I knew how to keep my mouth shut! Unfortunately, I never got the chance to prove it
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  • 10-03-2014 | 09:36 AM
  • Trip
  • Quote RACER X
    now they're having 3-somes w/ 2 teachers involved, and yes 1 is very cute and the other is not ugly
    So, since I am from New Orleans, I may know some people in this area, allegedly.

    The kid or women apparently took a video, kid bragged about it and his girlfriend/ex girlfriend, not sure which, ratted his ass out to the school/po po.

    The video, which the cops are saying doesnt exist right now, shows the kid smacking his wang on both women's faces like he is playing drums to the beat of a song in the background. The older teacher is the daughter of a judge in that area, so there could be some cover up. Child porn means a lot more charges.

    Kid has already been taken out of state to a new school.

    His twitter is still active, but no posts since this came out. I kinda want to send him a congrats from a throwaway. LOL
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