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Helmet Deals

  • 01-05-2013 | 08:13 PM
  • defector
  • Anybody know of some great current deals? I've only worn Suomy and Shark the past few years, but I'll try other manufacturers. TIA.
    Edit: Will be exclusively for track only.
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  • 10-27-2014 | 06:37 PM
  • No Worries
  • I buy a new motorcycle helmet every dozen years or so, whether I need it or not. Actually, the padding in my old Shoei TZ-1 was getting pretty compressed. So I bought this Shoei Qwest from MotorcycleGear.com: http://www.motorcyclegear.com/street...rt_helmet.html It's been too cool to really test the ventilation, but the fit and quietness is great.
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  • 10-31-2014 | 02:32 AM
  • Cutty72
  • Every 5 is my general timeframe.
    I love my Shoei X-11 right now though!
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