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Now "Fox News North" is dead

  • 02-13-2015 | 08:41 AM
  • Papa_Complex
  • The Sun News Network, that many of us up here refer to as "Fox News North", closed their operations at 5:00am today. I guess this shows we don't want 'news' up here that outright states that it has a bias.

    They were a 'premium' cable news channel. That means you had to specifically request a subscription to their channel. They lobbied to be added to basic cable and failed though the CRTC (our broadcast regulator) stated that they must be carried, by all cable providers, as part of a package or a specific subscription. Just not enough people wanted to have Bill O'Reilly style 'facts', to support them.

    Don't let the door hit you in the ass, on the way out. Or do.
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  • 02-13-2015 | 09:01 AM
  • Turbo Ghost
  • Wait!?....Are you suggesting that there are news agencies that have a hidden agenda or aren't telling the facts as they are!? Must be a Canadian thing. All the news agencies in America are straight down the middle and completely truthful!
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