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Firefly fans?

  • 03-13-2015 | 02:13 PM
  • Papa_Complex
  • Tudyk and Fillion are doing themselves a web series. I don't like it when big stars use crowdfunding, but I can sort of understand why these guys might do it.

    Quick synopsis:

    Tudyk plays a character who played the role of a pilot, in a short lived SciFi series. He has fallen into obscurity after the series was cancelled, and so now makes a living doing the con circuit.

    Fillion's character played the captain of the ship, on the cancelled show, and has since gone on to massive stardom. He and Tudyk's characters have remained friends after the series closed, despite their having gone on much different paths since.

    Sounds familiar, doesn't it? They blew the lid off the previous record for making their requested funding, and now have hit more than $1.5M in support.

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  • 03-13-2015 | 10:23 PM
  • Rangerscott
  • I like em. Wish theyd make a sequel to Serenity.
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  • 03-16-2015 | 01:50 PM
  • Papa_Complex
  • Well this is kind of a sequel to the cancellation of "Firefly."
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  • 03-16-2015 | 02:40 PM
  • Turbo Ghost
  • I watched the first few episodes of Firefly and liked it but, never did continue. I'll binge it someday.
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  • 03-28-2015 | 04:06 PM
  • fatbuckRTO
  • Quote Turbo Ghost
    I'll binge it someday.
    When you get to "Serenity," gird your loins for the realization that there's never going to be any more.
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  • 03-28-2015 | 11:51 PM
  • Rangerscott
  • Its a lot better than shows that have been coming out and only lasting a season or two.
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