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Where is everyone?

  • 04-20-2015 | 12:38 PM
  • Trip
  • Quote marko138
    You have texting blocked?

    Is there a way to block phone calls entirely? Cuz I'd like to do that.
    Yep, I still have grandfathered unlimited data. It's $10 more a month for unlimited texting and I have the cheapest voice plan possible. Since email/google hangouts/imessage is free and pretty much everyone who cares about texting has smart phones now, fuck texting.

    Instead of paying per text, I just told Verizon to block all texting.

    If you don't want cell service, just ask for a data package.
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  • 01-06-2016 | 01:17 PM
  • N2O Junkie
  • My thread from a year ago is still on the first page, no bueno!
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  • 10-11-2016 | 11:52 AM
  • RedRider2k2
  • Figured I would stop in again.

    Blew my ZX12 engine into a million little pieces on September 5th
    Bought an 06 ZX10 on September 30th
    Still trying to sell off what's left of the 12...
    Good times.
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  • 10-20-2016 | 08:19 AM
  • Papa_Complex
  • Pity, t'was a good place.
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  • 11-07-2016 | 04:00 PM
  • MikeSP1
  • I'm still about...
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  • 11-09-2016 | 11:08 AM
  • fatbuckRTO
  • If you need to reach me, I'll be in my back yard building a bunker.
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  • 11-09-2016 | 03:13 PM
  • Papa_Complex
  • I've been thinking of renting out tents, up here north of the border.
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  • 02-13-2017 | 03:26 PM
  • Turbo Ghost
  • Just keeping the site alive!
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