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Cage Hell

My super awesome money pit project

  • 04-21-2015 | 01:00 AM
  • Digifox
  • Yeah man, ever since that day back in what 2010 or something...
    I haven't been able to stop stealing.. it's like a terrible addiction.

    So one night in 2013 I got this AWESOME idea to steal the engine out of some idiots 1999 Silverado. I went all out and stole the WHOLE THING

    Turns out what I stole was a LR4 4.8L V8 with a 4L60E

    Then I found out you can put those in crappy old cars... like that S10 I stole.
    So I whipped out my thief gloves and started stealing roughly $3,000 worth of parts from online stores.
    ranging from Stainless steel short tube headers, Poly engine mounts, Aeromotive fuel pump, all the braided stainless steel line I would ever need... you know usual stuff kleptos steal.

    Then after like 6 months of collecting stuff at my super secret hide out I crammed said engine into the truck

    Skipping all the boring thief stuff and jumping up to last summer.
    I stole the rear end out of someones 2000 Ford Explorer XLT... which just so happen to be a 8.8 with 3.73 gears and a Limited slip diff.with 31-spline axles and even disk brakes!

    But to make it fit I had to steal some wheels off a 2007 Ford Escape. which have a really high offset so they sit under the bed still.

    Then later in the summer I stole a welder and like 100lbs worth of exhaust stuff and made my own exhaust since thieves can't pay to have the stuff professionally done (also shops don't like to work on stolen cars)

    Oh and maybe my favorite part... someone stole my stolen radio so I stole an amp and a Nexus 7 tablet and installed that in it's place

    When I have to run from the cops they never suspect my clapped out 23 year old stolen truck could be faster than a 5.7L Charger...
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  • 04-21-2015 | 09:28 AM
  • OneSickPsycho
  • Long game is strong in this one...

    Early 90's S-10 with a recent V8 is on the list of things I'd love to have... I gotta have an extended cab though.
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  • 04-21-2015 | 10:10 AM
  • Digifox
  • Quote OneSickPsycho
    Long game is strong in this one...

    Early 90's S-10 with a recent V8 is on the list of things I'd love to have... I gotta have an extended cab though.
    The actual build on this one is 10x longer than what I posted here.
    If you are interested

    Std. cab is what I had... I'd actually REALLY like to get a first gen Bravada or even a 2dr blazer and do the same swap but throw a Ty/Sy/Astro van AWD system in it. that would be a TBSS eater

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  • 04-21-2015 | 01:40 PM
  • pauldun170
  • Holy blast from the past.

    Weren't you in high school last time I saw one of your posts?
    What are you like mid 30's now?

    Wow time really flies.
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  • 04-21-2015 | 01:58 PM
  • Digifox
  • High school.... maybe?
    Try early 20's though
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  • 08-03-2015 | 04:13 AM
  • Digifox
  • bored and figured what the hell...
    let's update this.

    Recently the 2000 LR4 4.8L I had in it lost oil pressure, think it was the pump but didn't want to invest in tearing the engine down and it being something more than that.

    So I got a "new to me" 2004 LM7 5.3L from a auto recycler with 142k miles on it..
    It had cracked castech 706 heads which I was able to reuse my old 862 heads, I did lap the valves and change the stem seals while I had it all apart.
    and I had to swap out the water pump since it's bearings were GONE..
    also upgraded my transmission crossmember to a brand new heavy duty G-force piece.
    While I had everything apart I also went ahead and cleaned up the ghetto ass wiring, got rid of the silverado fuse block and new just using a single relay for the fuel pump and 3 10amp circuits for the pcm keyed power.

    took me nearly a month to get it all in and just shy of $1,000... but as of now it's 99% done just needs a few new exhaust clamps, air filter and the hood needs to be bolted on.

    And.... here is a clip of it running today after I got everything put back together.
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