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Gun Thread

  • 08-03-2010 | 12:34 AM
  • Rangerscott
  • Man. I am just in the gun mood lately. I'm really really in the mood to get an AR so I'm waiting like a cheetah for the pounce on a great deal. Well I have found a great deal but they be all sold out.

    So I'm rocking a Yugo SKS, Hi-point 995TS, and a S&W sigma 9mm. What ya'll got or what would ya'll like to get?

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  • 08-03-2010 | 12:51 AM
  • Rangerscott
  • What model AR is that? That an Enotech? How is it?
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  • 08-03-2010 | 09:36 AM
  • wildchild
  • I have been feeling a little light in guns lately as well. i'm thinking of either a ruger .40 cal or finally breaking down and getting a Kimber .45. not sure if it will happen yet this year though.
    i have a sigma 9mm and a Taurus .357 as well as various rifles, shotguns, and a couple muzzle loaders.
    right now my favorite piece is in the backyard. i started building my own little shooting range. not great for range but awesome for handguns. nice sized back stop built out of old barn beams covered up with soil. 6 feet deep 6 feet high and 12 feet wide. hoping to clear the range and then lay down mulch over it for at least a solid 25 yards. we shoot out here all the time but I feel much better about it if I know there is a solid stop. behind my land is just corn field and then woods.
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  • 08-03-2010 | 09:40 AM
  • wildchild
  • this made me think of a funny sign I seen the other day, well couple actually. people always ask if the guns are for protection. I usually say no I have a dog for that.

    the signs were:
    picture of german shephard that says " I can make it to the fenceline in 2.8 seconds, can you?"
    Next one:
    protected by a dog who has killed and will kill again, nothing in the house is worth dying for.
    I thought they were funny.
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  • 08-03-2010 | 09:57 AM
  • marko138
  • My current rig:

    Springfield XD 9

    Next will likely be a XDm .45 and possibly another XD 9...this one of the sub compact variety.
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  • 08-03-2010 | 10:08 AM
  • VatorMan
  • Quote tallywacker
    I guess you use those to keep someone from cleaning that shit up. Damn dude.
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  • 08-03-2010 | 10:11 AM
  • Bluestreak
  • Looks like Tallywacker is ready for zombies...

    S&W .38 cheif's edition
    Savage .22 rifle bolt
    Marlin .22 rifle semi-auto
    Remmington 12 gauge single
    Remmington 12 gauge pump
    Mossberg 12 guage semi
    Marlin 30/30 lever action
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  • 08-03-2010 | 10:19 AM
  • Dave
  • Hrm, just my favorites

    Mateba 6 unica .44 mag 6' barrel with comp
    Springfield socom 16
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  • 08-03-2010 | 10:55 AM
  • defector
  • Sig P229 (concealed carry)
    XD 40 (concealed carry)
    Uzi Eagle 9MM (bought because it was stupid cheap)
    I haven't brought the rifles or shotguns back from the cabin yet.
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